David Nicholas Sirgany

A life long visual artist, David trained from an early age as a painter and later as a self taught photographer. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a concentration in painting, from Mason Gross School of the Arts, at Rutgers University in 1984.

He draws inspiration from the inner practices of yoga and meditation, and the heartfelt support of his family, friends, and teachers. He lives on the California coast with his partner and is dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga, and exploring creative intelligence through the process of visual creation.

At some point in the creative process, the artist comes to truly ‘See’. From clear seeing a real conversation is possible. Transmission is possible. Understanding comes. Relationship is. The full circuitry of our deepest humanity is again illuminated. The circle completes itself...

Questions and comments are welcome. Please let me know if you would like to be included on my mailing list for future exhibitions. Some of the images shown here are available for purchase as limited edition, hand signed, archival quality digital prints. Contact me directly for more information. Thanks for visiting!