Drawing Energy

This series of drawings is all about the freehand play of mind, rhythm, and energy. I appreciate the practice of freehand drawing for the quality of contemplation and focus it provides. In these graphite on paper drawings, artist and pencil become a singular conduit for subtle energies to manifest visually. From a still mind the invisible becomes visible.


In photography, something is captured. In drawing & painting, something is generated. With each speaking its own truth, interesting conversation is possible. These electronically produced images are created from a combination of freehand drawing, photography, and digital painting. 

 Inescapably Human

With half open eyes / we see the reflections / of our own demise

Our eyes are the apparatus of seeing, and our heart -the source from which all true vision comes. This series evolved as a contemplation on 'soul wounds' and the reflections of those wounds everywhere.

I appreciate photographing people for the immediate and direct quality of relationship it demands. The uncertainty of not knowing what will transpire with each interaction, and in each image, I find highly intriguing.