Unified Field Compositions: Visions of a Greater Whole

Mirror symmetry as an aesthetic principle challenges our most fundamental ways of seeing. By creating a central focal point within a symmetrically patterned field, vision naturally spreads outward from the center point, or central axis, to the periphery as the fullness of the image is taken in. At least initially, no single element of the composition competes for attention. Visually there is an evenness, a balance, a flow. The conditioned tendency to read from left to right, up to down, all in linear progression -begins to lose its hold. We literally begin to ‘see’ differently.

There are occurrences of light that reveal otherwise hidden or unnoticed patterns of energy in our environment. With a sensitivity to subtle shifts in light and pattern I shoot a single photograph. From that single photo I compose a larger unified field comprised of the initial image duplicated four times. Aligning the edges of the photograph in mirror symmetry against itself, the original image seamlessly disappears into a larger whole. The final composition remains faithful to the visual accuracy of the original photograph, yet a more complex and coherent visual experience emerges.